BioZoom™ Edge
with Bluetooth®


Whisper Quiet

Guided Therapies

Protects Soft Tissue

Relieve Pain, Relax and Recover


Customer Reviews

Great product, exceptional customer service!


By  Runtex22

My order was delayed because of a shipping disaster (not Addaday's fault). When I contacted customer service, they upgraded my device and gave me a discount. That's exceptional customer service for an excellent massage gun.

BioZoom Edge with Bluetooth

It's a true game changer


By  Lisa

Being a dental assistant for more than 35 years, my neck and back take a toll everyday. When I use the Edge, it relieves my sore muscles and makes the next 10-hour shift that much easier!

BioZoom Edge with Bluetooth

The BioZoom has the "edge!"


By  MountainGirl

I've used friends percussion guns but I always felt they were really loud, really aggressive and really hard to hold. Not a pleasant experience. The Edge is just so pleasant to use. Quiet, grippy/easy to hold and doesn't make your whole arm vibrate. My dogs love it, too!

BioZoom Edge with Bluetooth

High quality product for great price!!


By  Chris

I was so impressed with the quality of the Edge. I thought maybe it would perform less than other comparable products that are out there that are more expensive. BUT the edge was a way better product than other brands I have seen or tried and SOOO much quieter. I can use this while a watch a movie with my family!! Love it and my family loves it!!

BioZoom Edge with Bluetooth

Its Magic


By  Jane

I love this device. I am kicking myself for not buying it earlier. Saw it in Target and finally bought it. Totally Worth It. Super affordable and i am in love with the app.

BioZoom Edge with Bluetooth

My savior in a box


By  Lyndsey

hands down best massager ever! I just bought be second for my husband- no more fighting for the BioZoom !

BioZoom Edge with Bluetooth

Road Trip Savior


By  Gandal S.

Took a road trip, this little beauty got me through it! It comes with a car charger and an app! I'm using the Bio6 everywhere now!

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