Champion Ultramarathon Runner

Courtney Dauwalter is regarded as one of the greatest ultramarathon runners on the planet, making a name for herself in the sport shattering records and routinely beating both the women’s and men’s fields. Career highlights include winning the 2017 Moab 240 more than 10 hours ahead of the second place finisher, earning the 2018 Western States Endurance Run title with the second-fastest time by a woman in the race’s history and being named Ultra Runner of the Year in 2018 by Ultrarunning Magazine.

Courtney says, "I use Addaday as part of my pre-exercise routine to get my muscles ready to go, but also at the end of the day when I’m unwinding. Addaday keeps my muscles fresh so I can continue asking my legs for big miles, which is crucial for me. It also helps me prevent injuries, treat pain as it arises and just overall, keeps me feeling good. I really love my BioZoom and Oscillating Sphere because they are effective and easy to use every day."

Check out the inspiring Chris Lieto podcast interview with Courtney here: