Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Q. What are the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation?

A. Electrical muscle stimulation provides a number of great benefits for your health, including:

    1. May improve joint pain and swelling
    2. Helps to prevent muscle atrophy (loss of muscle mass/tissue)
    3. Assists with the rehabilitation of muscles
    4. May reduce stress and discomfort
    5. Helps to promote blood flow and circulation

Q. What electrical muscle stimulation products does Addaday offer? Which one is right for me?

A. Addaday offers the BioPad EMS A and BioPad EMS C. Both options are wireless and portable, and use an electrical current to both tone and relax muscles.
The BioPad EMS A is the larger of the two Addaday EMS devices and is great for larger muscle groups such as the lats, glutes and quads. The smaller BioPad EMS C is great for all muscle groups, especially smaller or more longitudinal areas like the traps, triceps, biceps, forearm and calf muscles.

Q. How do I turn on/off the BioPad EMS A and BioPad EMS C?

A. To turn your BioPad on, press the "+" button until you hear a low-tone beep and then release. Press the "+" button  to increase the intensity until it is just slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. To turn your BioPad off before its pre-programmed 20 cycle, press the "-" button until you hear three low-tone beeps. Your BioPad will then turn off. Remove your Biopad and replace the plastic protective covering.  

Q. How do I keep the  BioPad EMS A and BioPad EMS C clean?

A. To keep your gel pads clean, simply follow the steps below. Then, when you are ready to use it again, pull the plastic off the BioPad and repeat. 

    1. Peel the plastic off one side of the gel pads and place it on the silver side of the BioPad (leaving the other side of the plastic on at first).
    2. Once the sticky side of the gel pad is on the BioPad, pull off the other side. 
    3. Make sure your skin is clean (alcohol is a great way to wipe down your skin) and place the BioPad on the area on which you’d like to focus.
    4. When you are finished, pull the BioPad off of your skin and replace the plastic on top of the gel pads on the BioPad.  

Q. Are there side effects from using EMS?

A. EMS is free of side effects when used correctly and, according to clinical studies, is proven to relieve muscle tightness and pain, tone and firm muscles, and improve muscle recovery by promoting circulation. Do not use if you suffer from altered tissue sensation (hypersensitivity or numbness); impaired mental status; presence of an implanted electrical device (as e-stim can interfere with pacemakers or implanted pain stimulators); over malignant tissue; over new wounds; or near the eyes, carotid sinus, anterior neck or over reproductive organs.


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