BioZoom Series

Q. How do I turn on the device?

A. Simply slide the power button to the on position. The power button location varies according to the device you are using. If you’re using the BioZoom Edge, you will find the power button on the bottom of the device handle; this is also the only device with a sliding power button. If you’re using the BioZoom, you will find the power button on the top of the device. And, if you’re using the BioZoom Jr., you will find the power button on the side of the device.

Q. How do I charge my device?

A. Each device comes with a charging cord. Simply plug the cord into your device and outlet. You’ll know your device is charged when the LED indicator light turns green on the charging block. While charging, the light will remain red.

Q. How do I use the device? Do I keep it steady on a pain point or should I move the device as I use it?

A. For best results, move your device along your muscle. We recommend you download and use the optional Addaday app for detailed instruction.

Q. How much pressure should I apply?

A. Pressure should be determined by comfort level. Avoid directly pressing into your affected tissue to the point where you feel pain, as this will cause your surrounding tissue to tense (official term: muscle guarding) and prevent proper tissue therapy. We suggest you slowly increase pressure against your affected area to the point that you feel a slight amount of discomfort. For more information, check out this article on power.

Q. What speed settings should I use?

A. While using the BioZoom on the manual setting, speed should be determined by your personal comfort.  

Q. What is frequency (measured in Hz)?

A. Frequency refers to how frequently the attachment moves backward and forward (the official term for this movement is oscillating). Frequency is measured in Hertz- Hz or cycles per minute.

Q. What is amplitude?

A. Amplitude refers to how far the attachment extends from the BioZoom (measured in mm). A higher amplitude gives the user the feeling of being hit "harder.” Please be careful, as there is no clinical research that amplitude allows for deeper tissue penetration. Rather, the harder you hit actually increases the potential for tissue damage. For more information, check out this article on power.

Q. What is Stall Force Technology?

A. Simply put, Stall Force Technology helps you avoid applying unhealthy pressure. Addaday subscribes to the philosophy of more is not better, more is just more. Increased pressure leads to increased potential for tissue damage. Stall Force Technology provides a safeguard against pushing too hard and ultimately doing damage, instead of good.  

Q. How long should I use the device each session?

A. Treatment length should be guided by your comfort level. Longer session time is not better, it's just more. Start with a short treatment time and slowly work your way up to your desired treatment length. We suggest no longer than 20 minutes per body part. 

Q. Which BioZoom is for me?

A. With so many options, we can understand it might feel overwhelming. Hopefully this chart will make it easy to choose the right BioZoom for you. However, we’re always happy to speak with you directly and provide help when selecting your device. Simply contact!

Q. What features should I look for in a percussive therapy device?

A. There are a number of features to consider when choosing the right percussion device for you. We’ve included a list below, but please reach out to if we can provide education on these features and help you choose the device that is right for your needs.

    1. Frequency
    2. Amplitude
    3. Stall Force Technology
    4. Comfort when holding the device (weight, how your hand fits around the handle, balance)
    5. Ease of use/control 
    6. Included attachments
    7. Warranty


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