Q. Which devices are Bluetooth enabled?

A. All of our BioZoom devices are Bluetooth-enabled to connect to the companion Addaday app that provides tailored routines 24/7/365. When you use the app, it’s like having an expert standing right next to you.

Q. How do I connect to Bluetooth?

A. Connecting to Bluetooth is easy! Just follow this step-by-step guide.

    1. Power your device to “on” mode.
    2. Open the Addaday app.
    3. On the app home screen, select "add device.”
    4. Select your device type.
    5. The blue ring on your device handle will light up indicating your device is now connected to Bluetooth.

Do I have to use Bluetooth?

A. You don’t have to use Bluetooth, but we recommend connecting with Bluetooth to use the Addaday app, which will enhance your experience. The Addaday app offers access to tailored routines 24/7/365 designed to alleviate aches and pains, aid in relaxation and guide you through warm-up and recovery. Plus, with special features such as a remote control setting to control your device, the app removes any guess work and makes the experience so easy!


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