Non-Electronic Devices

Q. What are the benefits of the non-electronic devices?

A. Non-electronic devices provide you total control over your therapy. Using a roller with skin-to-surface technology allows you to feel soft tissue adhesions and target them with as much or little force as needed. Non-electronic devices also allow for easy travel, as they do not require a battery or charger. Your non-electric device is always on and ready to use.

Q. Should I use non-electronic devices in addition to my electronic devices

A. Using different modalities is not contraindicated and can complement each other well. We suggest you use any combination of therapeutic devices that works best for you.  

Q. Where can I purchase Addaday’s non-electronic devices?

A. You can purchase Addaday’s non-electronic devices directly through our partner Medi-Dyne. Simply select Non-Electronic Devices under the Explore Products menu of and you will be redirected to Medi-Dyne’s website for easy browsing and purchase. Select non-electronic devices are also available for purchase online at or at Target stores nationwide. 


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