General Questions

Q. What is Addaday?

A. Addaday is a global leader in connected massage technology focused on helping people move and live better by offering real solutions for pain relief, relaxation and recovery. This was the goal when Addaday was founded in 2010 – to help people “add a day” to their lives – and it’s what continues to drive everyone at Addaday today. Because when you’re able to move better and alleviate pain, you can get the most out of the things you love to do.

Q. What does the name Addaday symbolize?

A. The Addaday name reflects the brand’s vision to inspire others to take control of their health and “add a day” to their lives. 

Q. What makes Addaday different?

A. As one of only a few brands to offer Bluetooth® connected devices and a companion app, Addaday delivers an affordable and customized experience that provides everyone access to wellness routines and support 24/7/365.

Q. How long has Addaday been around?

A. Addaday was founded 10 years ago to help everyone take control of their health and add a day to their lives.

Q. Where are Addaday products sold?

A. You can purchase Addaday products directly from the brand by visiting The Addaday BioZoom Edge, Bio6 and Oscillating Sphere, as well as several non-electronic devices, are sold online at and in all Target stores nationwide. You can also find select Addaday devices in a variety of speciality retail shops around the country. 

Q. Does Addaday ship overseas?

A. Addaday currently only ships domestically. However, Addaday products are designed to be used internationally with the provided Addaday charger and a power adapter (purchased separately) for anyone who is traveling and intends to take their device with them.