Groin Strain (Adductor and hamstring strain)

The groin is the area of the body where the abdomen meets the leg and the inner thigh muscles attach to the pubic bone. Typically, groin strains occur in the muscles of the upper inner thigh near the pubic bone or in the front of the hip; they involve the hamstring and the abdominals too.  Groin strains can occur during sprinting or any type of activity requiring forceful movement of the leg, such as jumping, kicking the leg up, or changing directions while running.

To address the muscles of the groin, use the BioZoom, BioPad, and BioBoots to breakup these adhesions, increase blood supply and increase range of motion, as well as decrease inflammation and swelling.  Using the Following protocol(s) Dr. Mike has developed, you can guide yourself through pain and return to sport and play.     

Use the BioZoom to breakup adhesion. Watch the following videos below and follow Dr. Mike's outlined protocols

Attachment: Happy
Treatment Time: 10- 15 passes- covering the inside of the thigh from the groin to the top of the medial (inside) of the knee

Attachment: Mr. Torch
Treatment Time: 10-20 passes- covering the posterior (back) aspect of the thigh from sit bone to just above the knee 

Hip Flexor: Rectus Femoris
Attachment: Mr. Torch
Treatment Time: 10-20 passes- covering the anterior (front) aspect of the thigh from the ASIS to just above the knee


After you have elongated the muscle and fascia of the adductors, the BioPad can be placed on the adductors as follows:  

Place Bio Pad vertical to cover more surface area, approximately 3 inches from insertion of adductor into the groin, and other pad in the mid belly of adductor.  Increase intensity to where its slightly uncomfortible and run BioPad for one cycle of 20 mins.  

Finish with the Addaday BioBoots for 20-30 minuites to relax and reduce swelling of the lower extremity

Do this daily for healthy muscle and fascia.