Hamstring Strain

Hamstring injuries occur when any of the three tendons or muscles are stretched beyond their limit.  This often occurs during sudden, explosive movements, such as sprinting, lunging or jumping. But they can also occur more gradually, or during slower movements that place undue stress and strain your hamstring.  Due to the tension and load the hamstring carries, strains are common and reoccurrence is increased without proper rehab and recovery.  To address hamstring strains, use the BioZoom, BioPad, and Bliss to breakup these adhesions, increase blood supply and increase range of motion.  Using the Following protocol(s) Dr. Mike has developed, you can guide yourself through pain and return to sport and play.     

Use the BioZoom to breakup adhesion. Watch the following videos below and follow Dr. Mike's outlined protocols

Attachment: M.Torch
Treatment Time: 10-20 passes- covering the posterior (back) of the thigh.  

Attachment: Happy
Treatment Time: 10-15 passes- covering the inner thigh from the groin, to the top of the medial (inside ) knee

After you have elongated the muscle and fascia of the hamstring, the BioPad can be placed approximately 3 inches below the sit bone, and the other on the mid belly of the hamstring.  Increase intensity of of BioPad until slightly uncomfortable ( more is not better, its just more) allow BioPad to cycle through 20 minutes 

While siting or relaxing you can use the Addaday Magic to further accelerate your recovery.  Simply find a chair, couch or floor so there is support for your thigh.  slightly bend the knee and place the Magic under the thigh (hamstring).  slowly extend your leg onto the Magic and turn it on to massage a relax your hamstring.  

Do this daily for healthy muscle and fascia.