Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is caused by tightness and adhesions not just in the foot, but also in the calf, and Achilles.  To address plantar fasciitis, use the BioZoom, BioPad, Marble Roller and Bliss to breakup these adhesions, increase blood supply and increase range of motion.  Using the Following protocol(s) Dr. Mike has developed, you can guide yourself through pain and return to sport and play.     

Learn more about Plantar Fasciitis and how to treat it

Use the BioZoom to breakup adhesion. Watch the following videos below and follow Dr. Mike's outlined protocols

Plantar Fascia 
Attachment: Ms. Fascia or Bubbles
Treatment Time: 10-20 passes- covering the whole plantar fascia

Attachment: Mr. Torch
Treatment Time: 10-20 passes- covering the Gastrocnemius

Attachment: Mr. Torch
Treatment Time: 10-20 passes- covering the Soleus

Achilles Tendon
Attachment: Mr. Torch or Ms. Fascia
Treatment Time: 10-20 passes- covering the Achilles Tendon

Use the Marble Roller in place of the BioZoom for myofascial adhesions on the plantar fascia.  Place the Marble Roller on the floor, and with a bare foot or with a tight sock, place foot with medium to heavy pressure on roller.  Slowly move foot over roller to cover entire plantar fascia; make approximately 10-20 passes through foot.  Next, roll the marble roller over the calf and Achilles tendon.  

After you have elongated the muscle and fascia of the foot and calf, the BioPad can be placed on the foot  as noted below

 BioPad for one cycle of 20 mins

Finish with the Addaday Bliss for 20-30 minuites to relax and massage the calf, ankle and foot.  

Do this daily for healthy muscle and fascia.