Addaday’s Intelligent Healing Technology Advantage

Addaday’s Intelligent Healing Technology Advantage

Addaday’s Innovative App Tailors Treatments Just for You

Percussive therapy is a proven recovery treatment that can help increase circulation, improve lymphatic flow and bring relief to sore muscles.

But how do you know you’re getting optimal benefits with your percussive massager? No matter what brand of percussive device you are using, the free Addaday app can put you on the path to pain relief, as well as optimal recovery and relaxation with its intelligent healing technology and adaptive learning capabilities. It is easy to use, no matter what level of experience you have with percussive therapy or even if you prefer to go device-free.

This innovative app not only guides you through the proper techniques based on your recent workout or where you might be sore, it also tailors treatments just for you with the right amount of intensity to match your needs and preferences. The app considers your perceived workout exertion (if you have worked out), recent sleep data, relative stress level and therapeutic preferences to create personalized treatments.

The Addaday app analyzes your input and can also dynamically collect (optional) data from your wearable device to determine appropriate treatments tailored for the way you treat pain, reduce soreness, mitigate injuries, prime your body for exercise and recovery, as well as relax.

While the app can wirelessly program a Bluetooth-enabled Addaday device, it can still help you improve your therapy technique and efficacy no matter what brand of device you own – or even if you have a device at all. The app is loaded with millions of variations of simple step-by-step videos of therapy routines that showcase movement mimicking techniques used by professionals. In other words, it guides you through the appropriate therapies to give you the precise soft tissue engagement and relief without bogging you down in technical details.

Built with technology that learns and adapts the more you use it, the app can remember your workout habits, typical levels of exertion and therapy preferences. With fully customizable routines based on scientifically backed active therapy protocols and the input you give it, the Addaday app makes you feel like there is an expert standing right next to you.

“The Addaday App shows you precisely how and where to direct your device for the appropriate therapy you want and need,” says Dr. Michael Venezia, DC, CSCS, Addaday’s Chief Biomechanist and Bioanalyst. “It’s a great tool for anyone and everyone and very easy to use, no matter which percussive device you have. We are also introducing more device agnostic options to make it even easier to use regardless of what tools a person has or doesn’t have at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or someone who is looking for general pain relief and relaxation options, all you have to do is download the app on your phone or tablet to start moving and feeling better.”