Debunking the "More Power is Better" Myth

Avoid the Dangerous “More Power Is Better” Myth in your Percussion Massage Treatments

Addaday’s BioZoom Edge and App Delivers Appropriate Power and Technique for Optimal Wellness Routines

When it comes to percussion massage therapy, it’s important to understand that more power —from more thumping with greater impact — does not result in greater therapeutic efficacy or quicker muscular recovery.

In fact, following the erroneous myth pushed by some percussion gun brands that “more power is better” can be a dangerous path that can slow your muscular recovery or other therapy routines and lead to increased soft tissue damage or even injury.

Engaging maximal power from some percussion massage can actually do more damage by forcing muscle and soft tissue to tense up in a defensive measure known as muscle guarding. That’s when your muscle tissue tightens under duress in a “fight or flight” nervous system reaction in an attempt to protect you from harm. But that’s the exact opposite scenario required for effective treatment of your sore, achy or fatigued muscles.

Your muscles and soft tissue need to be relaxed and elongated to receive optimal treatment and recovery massage. The advantage of Addaday’s new lineup of Bluetooth-enabled BioZoom percussion massagers and companion app is that they deliver the appropriate amount of percussive power with ideal reciprocal frequency and optimal techniques while helping keep your muscles calm and relaxed. Think of it like calming orchestral music that’s in symphony with your body compared to an aggressive thrash metal soundtrack!

Our primary goal at Addaday is to provide you with the best treatment options for your specific needs with a pleasant experience that’s not hard or aggressive on your body or your hands. Products like the BioZoom Edge or its compact cousin, the BioZoom Jr., can supply plenty of power, but not at the expense of muscular harm or injury.

Addaday’s lineup of BioZoom percussion guns feature Bluetooth technology that connects them to the optional Addaday app, which guides you through tailored therapies to treat pain and soreness, mitigate injuries, prime the body for exercise and recovery, as well as aid in relaxation. The Addaday app does the thinking for you, learning the more you use it. It’s like having a physical therapist in your phone.

BioZoom percussion massagers not only decrease both muscle soreness and pain, but also facilitate increased blood flow and circulation, accelerate warm-up and recovery and increase range of motion.

Addaday's BioZoom models include a hard plastic "thumb" attachment - one of five interchangeable heads - that allows users to apply more intense pressure and fascial distortion. In other words, it offers a deeper tissue massage without the painful "thumping" (and resulting muscle guarding) experienced from max power settings of some other percussion devices.

The amount and type of specific treatment you need is based on your specific variables — your fitness, your recent workouts, the amount and location of your soreness, pain and fatigue, says Dr. Michael Venezia, DC. Addaday’s Chief Biomechanist and Bioanalyst

“The whole idea is that the BioZoom massager and app learns what you need and adapts to you and your needs,” Venezia says. “It’s a constant conversation that helps provide the best possible treatments for you. Our Bluetooth BioZoom devices and companion app learn and adapt to you in similar ways to how a professional therapist would appropriately provide soft tissue treatment.”