Founder and CEO of Addaday

It’s fitting to tell the story of Addaday here. You see, Addaday actually started as a blog as a way to inspire others to take control of their health and “add a day” to their lives. I wasn’t always someone to inspire others about healthy living. For a long time, I led a pretty unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. I got caught up in all the things we get caught up in – work being the biggest – and I let them take over.

It usually takes something happening to make a person reconsider life choices and for me, it was two things. First, my grandfather had heart surgery. Thankfully, he survived, but I knew I had to get on a healthier track so I didn’t end up going down the same path. That leads me to the second thing that happened, I started running. I can say without hesitation that running changed my life. What started as putting one foot in front of another became something that drove me to be better and to do better in every aspect of my life. With time, I went from running 5Ks to marathons, then to 50- and 100-mile ultras. That’s when I had the idea to start the Addaday blog and share my experience with others who might be able to benefit from my story. Then, one day, like many, I got sidelined by injury. It wasn’t something I expected and it was devastating. I started looking into my resources for recovery and realized the tools available to help me heal were not only expensive, but they weren’t even that great. You know the saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself?” Well, I did. I started re-designing recovery tools with the hope of someday reinventing the category. My goal was to not only inspire others to get active, but to help keep them active and moving pain free regardless of what activity they loved doing. I started traveling the country with my wife Lyndsey, taking my re-engineered recovery tools to various retailers, showing them how recovery could be more integrated, intuitive, user-friendly and ultimately, more effective.

Fast forward to today, Addaday is the leading recovery tool company in specialty retail, on shelf in every Target store nationwide and endorsed by U.S. Ski & Snowboard, USA Triathlon and USA Climbing. As a relentless innovator, Addaday is poised to become America’s go-to for massage technology. I’m driven by my goal to help people lead healthier lives, to find joy in movement like I do and to be an inspiration for others by providing them the resources they need to move pain free. If you’re already a part of the Addaday community, you know the difference our devices and therapies can make. We believe that living a better, pain-free life shouldn’t be a luxury; our mission is to help everyone live their fullest, which means offering affordable solutions that fit a variety of lifestyles.

If you’ve not yet experienced Addaday, I encourage you to learn more about what we offer. Specifically, to download the new Addaday app that designs tailored routines from among 67 million therapy variations created by medical experts. It’s like having your own personal physical therapist in your phone.

Give Addaday a try, the only thing you have to lose is pain.

Vic, Addaday Founder