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The Bliss features multi-point massage with both kneading and rotating massage. With three massage modes and a heated option, the Bliss helps to release and relax the muscles in your feet, calves and arms. 


  • Multi-Point Massage
  • Two Directional Massage
  • 3 Massage Modes
  • Heated Option
  • Versatile Design


The Bliss can be used in several different capacities. Most often used for myofascial release of the Plantar Fascia, the Bliss can be flipped on its side to release tightness and tension in the calves. Additionally, the Bliss can be used for those experiencing both Tennis and Golfer’s elbow, as well as Carpel Tunnel. 3 massage modes, allow you to choose between a low, high or auto intensity massage.

How it works:

To turn on the Bliss, press the power button. Press again to turn on the heated option. To cycle through all three massage modes press the M. The first mode is a pre-programmed massage mode, the second massage mode is a low intensity massage mode, followed by a high intensity massage mode. To change the direction of the massage nodules simply press the rotation change button, located to the right of the M button.


Power consumption: 25W 

Voltage: DC12V, 2.5A

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