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Relieve pain and relax with the Addaday BioZoom cordless percussion massager. This quiet and powerful device features pressure resistance technology and when used correctly can help decrease both muscle soreness and pain, increase blood flow and circulation, accelerate warm-up and recovery as well as increase range of motion. A trigger button makes it easy to toggle between 5 different intensities, while 5 interchangeable heads allow for further personalization. Addaday created a catalogue of free online explainer videos to help users get the most out of their BioZoom percussion gun.




  • Cordless massager provides vibration and percussion with pressure resistance technology for myofascial release 
  • Helps decrease pain, soreness and stiffness; facilitates capillary proliferation and helps increase superficial blood flow and circulation to speed up warm-up and recovery 
  • Trigger button makes it easy to toggle between 5 different frequencies (20Hz-60Hz); 5 interchangeable heads address different pressure intensities and fascial distortion 
  • Capacity to withstand 70 lbs. of Pressure, allowing for deep tissue penetration
  • Digital Display
  • Ergonomic handle with nonslip rubber grip makes it easy to use, even for users with smaller hands
  • Battery life: 2 hrs. 
  • Designed and tested in the USA by medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and professional athletes 
  • Protective Flight Case with Space for BioZoom, Battery, All 5 Attachments and Charger (suitable for carry-on during airline travel)
  • Protected by a 2-year manufacturer warranty


Physiological Benefits: 

Decreased Muscle Guarding

With 5 different intensities to choose from (20-60Hz), the BioZoom allows you to take complete control over your myofascial release. By allowing you to set the intensity based on your comfort level, muscle guarding/resistance is avoided. This allows for both a comfortable recovery experience and deeper depth of penetration.

Depth of Penetration

The BioZoom is able to withstand up to 70lbs of pressure, allowing you to deliver deep penetrating vibratory relief to your tissue.

Decreased Pain Sensitivity

By choosing 60Hz (Intensity Level 5), you have the ability to desensitize the pain sensors of the nervous system. This provides temporary pain relief and can be utilized as a healthy, non-habit forming, no side effect producing alternative to harsh pain medications.  


By using the myofascial release attachments at 60Hz., you can reduce swelling and inflammation and facilitate the lymphatic system to actively pump extracellular fluid from affected areas, and back to the circulatory system.

Body and Mind

Recovery is not just physical, but mental too.  We developed the BioZoom to be the quietest handheld myofascial release device on the market, producing only 60 dB of sound. This allows you to quiet both your muscles and mind simultaneously.

Nonslip Grip

Recovery does not just take place at home or at the gym.  Whether you are out on the field, on the deck of a pool or at the beach, the BioZoom's rubber nonslip coating allows you to maintain a strong and steady grip during use.  


At Addaday, our top priority is to give endurance athletes the best recovery tools possible and the resources to take charge of their recovery. With this in mind, Addaday's Resident Doctor Dr. Mike Venezia, DC has created a library of recovery and injury rehab. video tutorials on how to best use the BioZoom to address common tissue injuries.  

All video tutorials can be found on our website under "Dr. Mike Tutorials." Have a specific question for Dr. Mike? Send us an email or connect with us via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter



Percussion Frequency: 

Level 1 20HZ, Level 2 30HZ, Level 3 40HZ, Level 4 50HZ, Level 5 60HZ


Varying Amplitude: 12mm to 16mm

Stall Force:

70 Lbs.


Input - AC 110-240V 50/60HZ ---16.8VDC-1A Output - 14.8V, 2600mAH,



2.6 lbs per unit


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