Introducing the Addaday app, putting intelligent healing technology into the hands of everyone. With fully customizable routines based on science – and technology that learns and adapts the more you use it – the app mimics the experience of an in-person physical therapist consultation from the convenience of your mobile device.

Enhance the app experience by connecting Addaday’s Bluetooth devices – and with as little as five minutes of daily use – receive targeted wellness routines to help you move better, relax, recharge and live your fullest.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or weekend warrior we all suffer from aches and pains and need some relief.


The Addaday app analyzes user inputs and dynamically collects optional data collected on a wearable device to determine appropriate treatments from among millions of therapy variations.

It then wirelessly programs the connected Addaday device, supported by a simple step-by-step video guide of the routine showcasing movement of both the device and the body to mimic techniques used by professionals.

The app also includes therapies that do not rely on tools or devices, giving everyone the opportunity to recover, ease their pains and move better..


Full access to the Addaday app is free for the first three months after which a modest subscription fee maintains full access to an ever-expanding catalogue of scientifically backed active therapy protocols based on sport, workout or activity, muscle group, and injury or ailment. In addition, the catalog will include recovery routines from professional athletes and coaches. Subscribers will also be able to add their coach or physiotherapist to their Addaday profiles to enable them to prescribe personalized therapies. Those who opt out of the monthly subscription can maintain free access to a basic version of the Addaday app. Optimize your experience by connecting to Apple Health (optional). Additional health and wellness platforms will be integrated by the end of 2020.