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Wish all your health and wellness questions could be answered with just rubbing a magic lamp? Well, we don’t know much about genies per se, but we do know how to solve your problem. Get all your health and wellness questions answered directly by Dr. Mike Venezia, DC and Addaday with just a touch of a button. Or realistically the amount of button touches it takes to send us a DM.

Dr. Mike Venezia

Slide in the DMs of our brand new partnership with Dr. Mike and get all the care of having your own personal doctor in the comfort of your own home, wherever and whenever you want it. As a previous member of the medical staff for the Los Angeles Dodgers and a consultant for several other professional teams, Dr. Mike has had hands-on experience treating both professional, olympic and amateur athletes alike and has a long list of celebrity clients he actively works with.

Dr. Mike and Addaday will be teaming up to share with you what it takes to keep your body healthy and happy with the launch of a new blog, insightful videos, a conversational podcast and live social media interactions. Stay tuned to all the new things happening here at Addaday via our website, www.addaday.com.

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More about Dr. Mike 

Dr. Mike will be available to you 24//7 via all of our social media platforms. What other doctor offers that kind of flexibility and interaction? Alongside our blog, we will also be launching both informative videos and a conversational podcast featuring Dr. Mike, that will address common wellness topics as well as any questions our customers may have.