All those hours on the bike can lead to lower back pain and tight hips and glutes. This Christmas get the cyclist in your life a BiOscillator and a BioPad EMS C. This compact and portable duo will tackle their aches and pain with ease. Or give them the ultimate at home recovery tool, the Addaday IRONMAN BioChair Pro.


Sore feet and a tight lower body are common in runners. Get them the Bliss, a foot massager that will not only tackle tightness in their feet, but in their calves and ankles. Round out their gift with the addition of a Pro Roller, the ultimate manual massage tool. Or give them the Addaday IRONMAN BioChair, which features a massage mode specific to the muscle groups used when running.


Whether it is open water swimming or a swim workout in the pool, swimming strains the shoulders, midback and neck. Give the gift of therapeutic heat and electrical muscle stimulation to the swimmer in your life. The Magic and the BioPad EMS A are the perfect gift for your swimmer this year. Or show them you really care with the ultimate recovery gift. The IRONMAN BioChair Pro features a Swim massage mode, therapeutic heat, targeted massage rollers and more!

Gym Goers

Long hours in the gym hitting the weights means very sore muscles. To tackle soreness this holiday season, we recommend the BioZoom and the Oscillating Sphere as the perfect gift for your Gym Goer. An ergonomic design and nonslip grip make the BioZoom the ultimate full body recovery tool, while the Oscillating Sphere’s compact and portable size make it the perfect addition to your Gym Goer’s gym bag. Or give the gift of effortless and efficient recovery. The IRONMAN BioChair Pro makes recovery easy, just sit back, relax and let technology do all the heavy lifting. 


Triathlons take next level training, which means your triathlete’s recovery needs to be next level too. This holiday season get the triathlete in your life effortless full body recovery with the gift of a BioZoom and BiOscillator. Featuring Oscillating technology, the BiOscillator makes rolling out easy and when used at 60Hz can prevent muscle guarding. The BioZoom is a portable myofascial release device that was designed using the same technology developed for IRONMAN BioChair Pro. Or really spoil them by giving them the IRONMAN BioChair Pro, which features muscle specific massage modes for all 3 elements of a triathlon: swimming, running and cycling. 


Climbing is a sport that requires every single muscle in the body. To address soreness and tightness, we recommend the BioZoom and Bliss as the ideal gifts for your climber. The Bliss’ versatile design allows it to treat not only your climber’s feet, but their calves, ankles and arms. The BioZoom is just as versatile thanks to its ergonomic design, which allows you to treat your entire body effortlessly. Or make their recovery even easier with the gift of an IRONMAN BioChair Pro, which features dynamic compression that is ideal for flushing sore muscles.